The old calendar of Bael Turath has continued to be used since the fall of that empire. It is based on the lunar cycle, and split into twelve months of thirty days each.  The months (in order from first to last) are:

Nisanu, Ayaru, Simanu, Du'uzu, Abu, Ululu, Tashritu, Arakhsamna, Kislimu, Tebetu, Shabtu and Adaru.

The Nentir Vale still uses the Nerath count roll of years, which begins with the foundation of fall of Bael Turath as year 1.  Important dates include the fall of Nerath, and the ransacking of Fallcrest, in 649.

Years in the Nerath count usually just use the number of the year, although some traditions also name years, decades or the like.  Years during the reign of Bael Turath are usually signified with a – sign, so -200 and so forth, although this is purly academic.  Writings from the period use the old Bael Turath roll of years, which only the most esoteric of scholars bother to learn or care about. 

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